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What Is The Best Way To Invest For Your Children?

Investing for children normally comes about as a result of parents or grandparents wanting to help their children financially, to pay off their university fees or perhaps get on the property ladder.

Applewood arena at Nantwich Town Football Club

Here at Applewood Independent, we are proud to announce our continued support at Nantwich Town Football Club by extending our sponsorship and naming of the clubs popular 3G Arena facility.

How Vital Are Overseas Investments To The Success Of Your Portfolio?

When it comes to an investment portfolio, I always like to look at it as a shopping trolley. You can push a trolley around from all the different supermarkets and fill it up with different items. That trolley is your product, whether it be an investment Bond, Unit, Trust, ISA or pension.

What Are The Most Popular Investment Opportunities Of 2021?

Here at Applewood Independent, it is our job to ensure that our clients’ money is working as hard as possible so they can rest easy, knowing that their financial futures are secure.

How Can A Good Independent Financial Adviser Help You After Death?

Here at Applewood Independent Ltd, we like to advise our clients throughout their entire investment and pension journey with us.

What Is Inflation And How Can I Protect My Money Against It?

The first thing we need to know about when it comes to understanding inflation is that the usual way of looking at it has changed.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Reduce Your Life Insurance Premiums

If you have a family, one of the best ways you can ensure their wellbeing in the future is to sign up for a life insurance plan. In the event of an illness or sudden death in your family, you can still protect their financial future even if you’re no longer around.

How To Know You Are Ready For An Independent Financial Adviser

An independent adviser is a financial adviser who can find the best solution for you and your finances over the other types of advisers, some of whom are restricted to just a single provider that they can sell.

How Your Pension Can Protect Your Family's Inheritance

For decades, inheritances and pensions operated the same way. You worked in a good job for years and you were given a pension in the form of a final salary style pension, or you might have taken out an annuity.

Powell named Player of the Year 20/21 for Stoke City

Applewood Independent are the proud shirt sponsor of the newly announced ‘Stoke City Player of the Year’ Nick Powell.

Has Covid Resulted In More Investment Opportunities?

We have never seen an event like the COVID-19 pandemic before in our time. For better or for worse, it has completely changed every single person’s life.

How To Boost Your Pension With Wise Advice

Regardless of who you are, everybody wants to retire happily at some stage in their lives. Everybody wants a retirement that provides an income and that provides protection for their loved ones and family.

How Do I Successfully Manage Risk In An Investment Portfolio?

In the context of personal finance, what do we mean by risk? If you boil it down, risk comes down to how much volatility you want to experience to achieve the associated return.

Our Top 5 Financial Planning Blogs Of 2021 So Far

Since starting this series of blogs back in September 2020, a lot has happened in the world of finance.

How Consolidating Your Pension Can Help You In Retirement

Most of us will have had some form of pension in the past. In many cases, because we don’t normally stay with the same firm our entire careers, we actually have accumulated multiple pensions through all our various jobs.

Why Flexi-Access Pensions May Be The Best Option For Your Future

Four years ago, a major change happened in the world of pensions.

What Is Good Value For Investors In The New Tax Year?

In my 30+ years as an independent financial adviser, I have come to understand that the start of the tax year is usually a good time to get into the market early.

Why Flexi-Access Pensions May Be The Best Option For Your Future

Four years ago, a major change happened in the world of pensions.

Why Green Energy May Be An Attractive Investment

When thinking about investments, it is always my job to think about what’s going to be worth investing in tomorrow, almost irrespective of what happened yesterday.

Why 2021 May Be A Great Year For Investors

From a financial perspective, we are coming off the back of one of the fastest market falls in UK history, but also one of its fastest recoveries.

What Happened To The Markets In 2020 - Part 2

Welcome back! This blog is part two of our 2020 financial recap. Earlier this week we discussed the state of the markets pre-pandemic and reflected on some of the big economic lows that COVID-19 brought.

What Happened To The Markets In 2020 – Part 1

When we look back at 2020 from a financial perspective, it can be easy to say it was a completely phenomenal year that has never happened before.

Thank You!

As we now approach a year since the very first National Lockdown within the UK, we would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the whole Applewood Independent team and of course our clients.

Why We Love To Give Back To The Community

We have always been a firm believer that successful people have a duty to help others in difficult circumstances.

What To Consider At The End Of The Tax Year

The end of the financial tax year is a significant time in people’s financial planning.

Applewood Independent Ltd FAQs - Part 3

This is the final part of our three blog series titled ‘Applewood Independent Ltd FAQs

Applewood Independent Ltd FAQs - Part 2

Welcome back to part two of Applewood Independent Ltd FAQs.

Applewood Independent Ltd FAQs - Part 1

With the curtains now drawn over 2020, I thought it would be fitting to highlight some of the major questions that have been on the lips of my clients through last year.

Don't Let Scammers Get The Better Of You!

Victims lost an average of £45,242 last year after investing with fraudsters imitating investment firms. More than £78 million was lost in total, according to fraud reporting centre ‘Action Fraud’.

Welcome To 2021!

I think we can all agree that last year was unprecedented in terms of the economy and our general well-being. I've been a financial adviser for 41 years now and, in all my time, I’ve never seen the stock market fall as sharply as it did in the last 12 months!

Applewood Independent's Christmas Message

With businesses closing for the holidays, I wanted to take this time to deliver a short message to all of our readers.

What Is The Price Of Not Having Financial Advice?

When it comes to purchasing a service, everyone wants to know that they are getting is good value for their investment. Understandably, you will want to know where your hard-earned cash is going. It is the same with financial advice.

How to Make Better Investments During COVID's Second Wave

There is no doubt about it - we are now in the second wave of the novel coronavirus. But what does that mean from a financial perspective?

Autumn Edition of Our Quarterly Newsletter

The Autumn edition of our quarterly Bulletin is out, featuring many articles that we hope you find interesting and informative.

How To See The Hidden Dangers Of Emotions And Ethics In Investing

Letting emotions get the better of you when it comes to investing opens you, and your money, up to all kinds of trouble.

Applewood are proud to again be sponsors of the Nantwich Tree & Lights

Due to the current Government restrictions, the usual annual Christmas Lights switch on in Nantwich couldn't go ahead as usual.

Applewood Independent would like to update everyone.

Applewood Independent would like to update everyone on their operations during the current Covid-19 restrictions.

The Makeup of a Successful Portfolio

A successful portfolio is defined by whether it achieves the individual's personal objectives. But no matter the individual, the success of a portfolio always falls down to the fact that we, in the role of the financial adviser, have got to make our clients more money than they would make from their existing pension or in National Savings.

How To Take Control Of Your Pensions

Flexible access pensions (flexi-access) are changing the way people think about traditional pension schemes. Not only can they offer a wide range of financial benefits, but they can also give you much more personal control over your funds allowing you to feel confident, and secure about the future.

How to Survive Redundancy and Job Loss

There is no doubt that the 2020 pandemic has made a lot of people worried about their financial situation.

How To Invest In Commercial Property Funds

Most good financial advisers will tell you commercial property funds are an important part of any investment portfolio.

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